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School Improvement Plan 2013-2016


Theme - Literacy:


This improvement plan is based on triangulating the gathered self-evaluation evidence from the following sources.


  1. Students’ STen results for reading from primary schools.
  2. Subject department discussion on literacy, August 2012.
  3. Survey of 1st Year students’ attitudes to reading and their reading habits, February 2013.
  4. Survey of 1st Year parents’ experience of literacy and the attitudes and reading habits of

their children, March 2013.

      5.   Literacy focus-group discussion.


Summary of the main strengths as identified by the above.


1.      STen scores compare favourably with national norms.

2.      79% of students enjoy reading, while 76% are reading fiction for enjoyment.

3.      Subject departments have reflected on the literacy needs of students and on strategies to improve literacy skills.

4.      There is a willingness to share good practice.

5.      ICT is used widely to promote learning.

6.      Students are getting some opportunities to develop oral expression.

7.      Parents have been consulted about their experience of literacy and how the acquisition

      of literacy skills is promoted in the home.


 Area chosen for improvement.


  1. Reading for enjoyment


 Plan for area requiring improvement.


At the beginning of each school year second year students will be surveyed concerning their

attitude to reading for enjoyment.


Working with the second year cohort of students over the next 3 years (2013 -2016), the objective

is to increase by 5% the number of students who read for enjoyment for more than 1 hour

per week.       


      Improvement     Almost 79% of students surveyed stated that they enjoyed reading, yet only

Targets-              46% read for more than 1 hour per week. The target is to increase this to 51%





Required          1.  The adoption of a structured DEAR programme for

Actions:                 second years to run throughout -  2013/2014      

                                                                                     -   2014/2015

                                                                                     -   2015/2016


                                2. A book review system to run in conjunction with the DEAR programme. 




Persons Responsible:


Co-ordinator-               Deputy Principal

Delivery in class-          All teachers except English Department

Surveys-                        Mr. David Andrews (Maths Department)



      Success criteria/                   Attitudinal survey to be carried out at the end of each school year

Measurable outcomes:        within the time frame of the plan.