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In St Finian’s College, our 1st year students experience a broad and varied number of subjects. In our experience, students always achieve their potential in subject areas when they have had the opportunity to explore them properly. Therefore, our first year students are not asked to choose their subjects before they begin their secondary education.

All 1st year students learn English, Irish, Maths, History, Geography, Religion and Science as core. Wellbeing subjects include Physical Education, CSPE, SPHE, Guidance & Digital Media Literacy

All 1st year students experience the Taster Programme. The students are divided up into 8 small groups of 20 or less. They are introduced to the following four subject areas on an 8-week module rotation.

Group A:Art
Group B:Art
Group C:Home Economics
Group D:Home Economics
Group E:Music
Group F:Music
Group G:Graphics
Group H:Graphics

In addition to the Taster Programme, our students also get to sample: Business Studies & Applied Technology.

 Our first year students are divided into class groups of 15.  Each group will learn Business Studies for 5 weeks and then Technology for 5 weeks.

After this time, they select to continue with either Business or Technology for the remainder of their first school year.

Modern Foreign Languages: All students have the opportunity to learn both French & German in 1st year

Choosing subjects:

In April of 1st Year, we ask our students to nominate the subject areas they would like to take to Junior Cycle with their core subjects English, Irish, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religion, PE, CSPE, & SPHE.

Students choose 3 of the following subjects for 2nd Year:

French                         German          Business Studies         Applied Technology   

Graphics                     Art                   Music                          Home Economics

St. Finian's College
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