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St Finian’s College                    Online Classes Rules/ Conduct January 2021

As you know, the situation is fluid. The following are the guidelines for online classes. They may change as new developments arise.

School Closure of building

 In the event of a school building closure for all, all classes will revert to the online platform Google Classroom. Classes will take place per teacher and student timetable. In the event of a school building closure for a year group, all classes for that year group will revert to the online platform. All other classes will continue in school for all other year groups.

Our Covid 19 Liaison Officer has a short list of students who are medically certified to be at home learning through Google Classroom. Ms Doran will communicate with these students and their families.

Xbox & PlayStation Devices will run Google Classroom

In the event that we have to revert to online learning: please note that Xbox and PlayStation devices will run the Google Classroom just as a computer or laptop or phone will. Google classroom can be opened on Xbox and PlayStation. There is not an app that you can add to your consoles. Instead, you are going to have to use the built in browsers that come on the two devices. On Xbox, it is Microsoft Edge. On PlayStation, it is the www browser. You will probably know how to find the browsers on the consoles, but if not, there is a search function you can access on the home screen.

Once the browser has been opened:

  1. Type in in the URL bar
  2. A prompt for a Google account will appear
  3. Type in your school email and password – it doesn’t end in and that is ok!
  4. The Classroom home screen will open up

If you have a keyboard you can plug in, you will have a much easier time of navigation. Otherwise, you will have to use your controller to click on the classroom tiles, open up assignments and type.

You can also open assignments and interact with video and written instructions. You can also open attachments like Docs and Slides and type on them. This is not easy with a controller, but you can access the work and use email/google docs to submit your work or write on paper if necessary.

Daily Timetable for Live Stream/ Google Classroom in the event of reverting to online learning

  A Live Stream Classroom runs as per student timetable with slight modifications.

All classes begin on time. Teachers will need to log out at least 5 minutes before the end of a timetabled class in order to be ready to begin the next lesson on time. This allows for a movement break for students between classes and time for teachers to transition between each class.

Not all classes may be live streamed. Pre-recorded classes may be uploaded at times.

On occasion, where a class is not live streamed, work will be left on Google Classroom instead. 

Live streaming where a year group is not in attendance

Students engaging online through a live streamed class must be suitably dressed for school. 

All student cameras must be switched on; all student mics must be muted unless the teacher directs otherwise.

  Pupils are asked to log into their online classes as scheduled on their timetable.


 Pupils are expected to engage with online classes with the same respect and positive attitude as they would in a school based classroom.  Online behaviour must at all times be appropriate and respectful. If necessary, teachers will forward information for tutors and year heads. 

  A Google Classroom is provided to ensure, amongst other reasons, the continuation of Teaching & Learning during periods where the school building is required to close during term time.  It is imperative that the behaviour of all pupils adheres to that of our code of excellence.  

Where serious breaches of discipline occur, a Google Classroom may be closed or a student may be suspended from the google classroom.


Students should have their cameras on with headphones and be on their own in a room with no family members present. 

No parents are allowed to attend a Google Live Stream class. This is wholly inappropriate.

Parents should not use the Google Classroom to communicate with a teacher. Parents can contact the teacher using their school email address. Parents can also notify the office at  if they have a query/concern they wish to have addressed.

Only students who are on the class list for that class may be present at a Live stream or use the code to gain entry to the Google Classroom. No sharing of links / codes to classes is permitted.  No student would be allowed to attend a different class if the school were open. 

Absent students where the year group is in attendance

Any student who is absent will have access to Google classroom but not to Live streaming. Google classroom will mention what was covered in class and list homework. E.g. German class: CD Chpt 4 Listening Unit 7, Maths: Chapter 4 Pg. 56 Qs 1-3

If a digital presentation was used in the class, the teacher may choose to share it on Google Classroom.

SEN provision

Students receiving SEN supports outside the mainstream classroom will receive support from the SEN Team through email, phone calls, google meets, google classroom, etc. The SEN Team comprises of all teachers and staff working with Special Education Needs pupils.

Teachers are at times uploading differentiated work for students in their classrooms who are working from Level 2 Programmes.


In the event that a student is unwell, they may not be in a position to log into Google classroom or complete an assignment. Pupils can email their teachers if this is the case. Teachers, if concerned about a students’ progress, will check with the Year Head/Deputy Principal. 

 (See Guidelines on submitting work screencast video which was prepared by Mr S Murphy here).

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