3rd Years Conquer Croagh Patrick!

On Tuesday, the brave and admirable 3rd Year students left St. Finian's College at 8.30a.m. Only a few knew what exactly lay ahead, as they bused to Westport as part of their Junior Cert Religion project. 

Mr Joe Lynam their Year Head, toured with the other Religion teachers Ms Fleming, Ms Scally, Mr McHugh and Ms Garvin, to particpate in the renouned pilgrimage that reaches 764 metres in height. Croagh Patrick's history goes back to 3,000 BC, but it will remain in the memories of these teachers and students forever, the sense of achievement they enjoyed that day.

Blessed with the weather which provided crystal clear views of Clew Bay, the journey almost became a rite of passage. Our young men and women took one step after another across steep inclines and rocky ravines. Through gritty determination and with the promise of spectacular views, the 3rd Year group showed gallant comradery as they 'brought each other up' The Reek.

It would have been impossible to ignore the spiritual connection the students had with each other and with the story of St. Patrick. At times, in complete silence, the students took their moment to pray and connect with their spirituality. This was something many students were able to recall afterwards.

The trip home on the bus was far from silent, and as the buses jostled through the school gates twelve hours after their departure, students and parents made their way home- bruised, sore but very proud.



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