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Summer Medal Haul for Athletes

The Lake County in general had over 100 competitors who brought home medals in all three shades, with St Finian's students bringing home some very honorable golds, silvers and bronze.

Darragh Gaffney from Delvin repeated last years result, winning gold in the Under 16 Discuss by a huge 12 meters. Nobody came close to taking that title from him!

Susan Glennon representing Kinnegad/Coralstown came home in first place to win a gold medal in a tough marathon race.

Her sister Sarah came 2nd in the team result wihtin the race along Susan and two other peers.

Another family link brought home silver medals- brother and sister Patrick and Shauna Laydon also from Coralstown/Kinnegad won silver in the U16 triple jump and U14 80m. hurdles respectively. 

Congratulations to all the other students who participated and/or brought home awards including Makyle Hope and Fiona Greene to name but a few. 

Keep up the fantastic training!


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