Rachel Glennon- the talker walker!

For a girl of only 15 years of age, Rachel has a string of competative titles and times under her Walking belt. A relatively unkown sport, Rachel has been Walking for the Mullingar Harriers since she was 12. Rachel herself has been surprised at the "levels of success" she has encountered in the space of three years.

In September 2013, Rachel travelled to Bedford England to compete  in her first internationsl race, coming in a hugely respectable 3rd place in the 3 kilometre walk!

She then travelled to Athlone to compete in the All Ireland Indoor Championships 3k Walk in what has to be pointed out as a category one would have thought to be well above her- Under 21! This didn't faze Rachel, not only coming in 3rd but improving her time since her race in Bedord.

After this sensatinal acievement, Rachel "had the privilage" of competeing in the Isle of Man, at a new distance of 5k. She came 2nd with a time of 25.31 minutes. There are plenty out there who can't RUN 5k in that time never mind walk, which goes to show the skill, practice and determination required to excell in this area.

Rachel will now travel to Prague on the back of this result, where she needs to get a 25.30 minute time in the Under 18 category to be able to compete in the European Youth Olympics in Baku, Azerbaijan.

We wish Rachel all the best in her Walking career, and fingers crossed Azerbaijan will have this Mullingar girl on their cards.



Rachel was unable to reach her goal in Prague, but there is nothing stopping this young flyer from many more titles and new records in the near future!

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