Google Classroom 2020

Google Classroom is available for all teachers and students in St Finian’s College.  The primary purpose of Google Classroom is for communication between teachers and students and to streamline the process of sharing files between teachers and students.  It is a really useful system at the moment as it facilitates teaching and learning to continue remotely.

Google Classroom is part of a suite of Apps available to support effective teaching and learning through Google’s G Suite for Education which has been up and running in St Finian’s College over the past 18 months.  All users must log in using the official school email system, which ends with our own domain name  

Every student has been provided with a unique password containing a minimum of 8 characters.  The user name (school email address) and password are needed each time the student logs in to the system.

When a student logs in to Google, they can choose from a wide range of educational Apps (eg Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Hangouts, Google Docs, Google Classroom).  When Google Classroom is selected, each student should see the classrooms that they have joined (each teacher has shared with their students a unique code in order to join their particular classroom).  If a student doesn’t know this code(s), please contact the school office and you will be given this code(s) (email

Teachers may post information for their classes on the Stream/Announcements tab, ie they may set work, give instructions on how to complete work etc. Teachers may also post assignments that need to be returned for correction/feedback.  These will appear under the Classwork tab. It is important that when students have completed their assignment they TURN IN the assignment (this means that the student’s work is now submitted to the teacher’s Google Classroom for feedback/marking).

The Google Classroom App is also available for students to download on their phones; this will enable them to receive a notification each time a teacher posts an assignment on their Google Classroom.

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