Engineering Week

The TY’s watched a movie called “Hidden Figures”, about three middle aged black women (Katherine Goble (Johnson), Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson) in the 1960’s during the Russian and American space race. Life was difficult in this era for coloured individuals, especially women due to the lack of equal rights and opportunities. In a dramatic emotionally driven scene, Kevin Costner's character, Al Harrison, breaks down a literal barrier when he breaks down the coloured women’s bathroom sign, thus giving way to an historical change in society by showing clearly that everyone is equal and should be treated the same irrelevant of race or gender. These three women were vital in the launch of the first American rocket to orbit Earth due to their outstanding mathematical and engineering ability. The main character Katherine Johnson (nee Goble) passed away on the 24th of February this year aged 101. 

Four of our Transition Year students designed a display board informing the school as a collective about the importance of engineering in our day to day lives. These students also made a daily school wide announcement on a fun fact about engineering. Well done Katie, Silver, Utba and Sophia on your outstanding contribution to school life.

Winners of the Engineering challenges

The winners of the engineering challenges were four first year students: Ann Elizabeth, Brian, Grace and Lucy. Well done on producing excellent projects!

We’d also like to thank Mrs Kellyfor giving everyone the opportunity to learn about careers involving the five core areas associated with engineering; Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering,Industrial Engineering,Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

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