AGM of St Finian's College Parents Advisory Council

16 September 2019
Dear Parents,
The Annual General Meeting of the St. Finian’s Parents’ Advisory Council will be held in St. Finian’s College on Wednesday 25 September at 7pm.
The work of the Parent’s Council is vital to the school and particularly important for the welfare of our students.
Its principal role is to act as an effective channel of communication between parents and the school. 
It is vital that we have a vibrant group of parents involved. We particularly welcome new parents to the school.
We hope that as many parents as possible will be able to attend the AGM and that a good number of parents will be willing to join the committee.
There will be about six meetings of the Parents’ Advisory Committee spread over the school year, with each lasting about an hour.
The various reports presented at the AGM (see agenda below) will explain how parents help to make our school the very best educational environment for all our students.
The term of our present Board of Management expires mid- October.
We will be holding elections at the AGM for the two parent representatives on the new Board which will serve a three year term– one female and one male.
In order to be elected a parent must be nominated by two other parents.
Such nominations should be returned to me at the College before noon on Tuesday 24 September.
Welcome/Opening Prayer
Chairperson’s Report for 2018-2019, Michelle Maher
Treasurer’s Report for 2018-2019, Noleen Moloney
Principal’s Report for 2018-2019, John McHale
Ratification of the constitution of the Parents’ Advisory Council . Click here
Election of the Parents’ Advisory Committee 2019-2020
Election of the new BOM parent representatives.
I look forward to meeting you at the A.G.M.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. John McHale,

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