Easter Egg Hunt in aid of Daffodil Day!

Each team left the front door of the school in intervals, with the aim of finding as many Easter Egg images as possible, in the fastest time. Dotted all around the vast recreation area of the College, were 10 bright images of Easter Eggs, each with a unique code printed on it. Students had to write down each of the codes on a sheet provided, and return as soon as possible with them. The fastest team won! Without any prompting or clues, it was in fact a team of female teachers who won against all the other students and most importantly against the male teachers team! Over 300 euro was raised by the Easter Egg hunt alone, but more importantly it raised awareness for the upcoming even on the Irish Cancer Society's calender.

Great competetive fun was had by all, but it was Ms Ryan, Ms Walsh, Ms Healy and Ms Brennan who came up with the best strategy to divide and conquer, that led them to their chocolate feast!

Daffodil Day will be held on Friday 28th March, all support is greatly appreciated for the Night Nursing Service.


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